What are Infinity Roses?

Flowerwali’s Infinity Roses are amongst the world’s most long lasting real roses designed to stay fresh for 1year without water. The roses are cherry picked when they are at their peak bloom and preserved using a patented method.

How do infinity roses last for 1year?

They are preserved using a proprietary solution using non-toxic preservatives that effectively dehydrate them, yet retain it’s natural shape & velvety touch.

What if my infinity roses fade away before 1yr?

Flowerwali guarantees a minimum of 365days Freshness of the infinity roses but if they dry up before that, we refund/exchange. View our return policy here. (Click Here)

Do you have a store?

No! We are presently only online.

Can i get the flowers customised?

Yes absolutely! Our floral designer would be more than happy to accommodate your request. For custom orders please get in touch Call

How do I take care of my flowers?


How can i get in touch with you?


Do you ship out of Hyderabad?

We offer Deliveries Pan india. Shipping time varies depending on the mode whether regular or express.

What is the Delivery time?

At flowerwali we ensure you get the freshest blooms delivered on time. Usually the processing time for deliveries within Hyderabad is 3 days or on the specific date you want.
For delivery out of Hyderabad it’s usually 6-7 working days & 2-3 days if in express shipping.

What’s the Return/refund policy?


Do you take up bulk orders?

Yes we do! You can have a consultation call with our floral designer on +916305696510 who could guide you through.
The prices vary depending on the quantity.