How do Flowerwali’s forever roses stay fresh for 1 year?

Forever roses are real roses that have been treated with a special preservation technique to keep them looking fresh for up to one year. Here are 8 points explaining how they stay fresh for so long:

Forever roses are carefully selected at their peak of freshness and beauty.

They are then treated with a preservation solution that replaces the plant’s natural sap and water content with a mixture of glycerin, water, and other plant-based ingredients.

The preservation solution works by maintaining the roses’ shape, texture, and color, preventing them from wilting or drying out.

The solution also contains a dye that enhances the roses’ natural color and makes them look more vibrant.

The roses are then left to soak in the solution for several days to ensure that the preservation process is complete.

Once the preservation process is finished, the roses are carefully dried to remove any excess moisture.

They are then placed in a sealed container, protecting them from dust, humidity, and other environmental factors that could cause them to deteriorate.

With proper care, including avoiding direct sunlight and excessive heat or moisture, forever roses can last for up to one year without wilting or losing their beauty.

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